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3 Marketing Strategies That Will Change Your Business Forever

Did you know that 99.9 percent of businesses in the United States are small businesses? With such a crowded market, it takes a lot of thought, time, and effort to get a new business up and running.

That effort shouldn’t falter just because your business has launched. You’re likely looking for a strategy to grow your business to increase revenue and brand recognition. 

The right marketing strategies can make or break your profit margins. How do you know what strategies are effective, and which strategies are best for your business?

Read on to learn about three marketing strategies that will change your business forever. 

1. Social Media Marketing Strategies

Over fifty percent of users on social media utilize those sites to check out products before buying them. Simply having a wide-ranging social media presence will allow you to reach many potential customers.

Social media is all about pumping out content, and most users eat up a good social media campaign. From giveaway contests to charity fundraisers, the right social media campaign is a great strategy to draw in your target market. 

The age of social media has also created a new and unique way of marketing. Before the social media boom, you’d have to seek out high-demand celebrities to endorse your brand. 

Today, social media influencers are all over the internet and easy to find. Reaching out to a few influencers with just a couple thousand followers each can introduce your brand to a slew of potential customers.

2. Understanding Search Engine Optimization

You can’t have a completely successful marketing plan without understanding search engine optimization (SEO). Utilizing SEO allows you to increase the traffic to your website through search engine results like Google.

There are many strategies to improve your SEO, like making your website easily navigable and using the right keywords to get your site in the results. A great way to incorporate SEO improvements is to start a blog. 

Using a blog is an easy way to link back to other pages on your website, which allows search engines to ‘crawl’ your page. The easier it is to crawl around your site, the higher it shows up in search engine results.

A blog is also a great way to use keywords and key phrases that will boost your place in a search engine’s results. Be sure to use keywords with purpose, because too many keywords can penalize your SEO.

3. Utilize Lead Magnets

A lead magnet allows a business to trade a sample of their goods or services for a potential customer’s contact information. We’ve seen them on many websites: “Enter your email address and get a free PDF now!”

This marketing strategy gives potential customers a reason to cough up their contact information. It’s also an easy way to find out who is interested in your product or service. 

A good lead magnet promises to solve a specific problem with highly valued information and a quick solution. These include checklists, cheat sheets, templates, and similar toolkits.

Get Growing

With these three marketing strategies, you have a starting point for improving your business’ growth. Now it’s up to you to start implementing. 

Need some help? Get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to provide my expertise. 

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