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Dr. Dan Schneider has a successful track record as a healthcare entrepreneur.  He has spent the last 10 years mastering how to be a successful healthcare entrepreneur.  His work helping countless patients regain a higher quality of health, and therefore a higher quality of life, was achieved by focusing on the patients needs, and providing them natural healing options that could work for them.

By focusing on the patient’s needs first, Dr. Dan learned to provide unparalleled client service for each individual patient.  This not only helped Dr. Schneider excel as a doctor, but 

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Dr. Schneider’s interest in entrepreneurship started early, and in part influenced his decision to become a doctor, knowing that he could help others while building a business of his own.  His interest in entrepreneurship helped him reach levels of success earlier than many doctors, and provided the opportunity for him to get involved in new business ventures, both on his own and with various business partners.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Dan Schneider has continued to find success by sticking to a few core principles he has learned along the way.  One of his many skills that has served him well along this journey is sales and marketing.  Because of his understanding of marketing, he often oversees marketing efforts for the businesses he owns and/or operates.  His marketing knowledge and expertise has helped his businesses drive sales into nine figure territory.


For Dr. Dan, it’s not just about making his own business venture successful.  He enjoys helping other businesses reach similar levels of success.  Although on a limited basis, Dr. Schneider mentors fellow doctors, entrepreneurs and business owners as much as possible.  He enjoys sharing his insights, and even more so, hearing of the success achieved by applying the knowledge he shares.

While many of his consulting engagements are focused within the healthcare space, individuals and businesses from all backgrounds have sought out Dr. Dan Schneider as a consultant, providing him with a unique perspective across various industries.  Dr. Dan likes to continue to push and challenge himself, just as he does for the businesses and individuals that hire him, and he prides himself on being a lifelong “learner” to stay sharp.