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Dr. Dan Schneider has built a track record of success as a doctor and entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. His ability to identify opportunities, and then build the right team and execute the business effectively has lead to repeated success. Because of his track record, others seek him out for various opportunities, including:

New Business Ventures

Fellow entrepreneurs look to partner with Dr. Dan to assist in launching and optimizing new business ventures, seeking to reach profitability quickly and efficiently.


Over 40 high-end healthcare businesses in the United States, and globally hire Dr. Dan to help grow their top and bottom lines.

Operating Multiple Business

Dr. Dan teaches fellow entrepreneurs how to successfully own and operate multiple businesses at once. He has built multiple profitable businesses from the ground up simultaneously.


Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan Schneider

Dr. Dan Schneider is known for his success as a healthcare entrepreneur across various niches.  He has spent the last 10 years mastering the principles of success for entrepreneurs in the healthcare space.  His focus has been on natural healing, and has started several businesses that help patients harness the power of their bodies and natural medicine to improve their quality of health, and therefore quality of life.  Working closely with patients in his various businesses allowed him to learn firsthand how to best serve his patients, which helped him learn and refine win-win principles where both the business and patient can thrive happily.  After all, a patient that turns into a raving fan who provides five-star reviews, inspiring testimonials and quality referrals can be a healthcare business’ greatest asset.

In addition to his work on the frontlines of healthcare, Dr. Dan Schneider has successfully built, expanded and sold practices, clinics and other healthcare related businesses, leading to fellow doctors seeking him out for his advice.  Due to this, he consults for over forty high-end healthcare clinics across the United States of America, and globally.  When he is not caring for one of his patients, checking in on his businesses that he owns, or consulting other doctors and clinics, Dr. Dan likes to spend his time with his family or giving back to his community.


"Having found success earlier in my career than many doctors, I enjoy helping fellow doctors achieve their goals and a find similar success."

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